Saturday, July 23, 2011

Create A Perennial Beer Contest Winners

We are excited to announce 2 winners of our "Create A Perennial Beer" contest! The winners are a Mexican Chocolate Stout, submitted by Scott Brazell, and a "Root" Beer submitted by Robert Pesold.

These beers were chosen by a collective vote of the Perennial team, and we admit that it was definitely not easy. There was an abundance of creative entries, and over 100 total to choose from.

We plan to release the Mexican Chocolate Stout in our "In Season" series sometime in the late fall. In Scott's words:

"a Mexican Chocolate stout...faint cinnamon, almond, and chili pepper (more fruity chili, not so much heat)"

Sounds damn good to us, and a great way to welcome the winter.

The Root Beer will likely be a released in the late winter in our "Farmhouse" series. According to Robert:

"A nice ale that involves adding some sassafras root or bark in the brewing process...wouldn't it be nice to have a beer that had hints of sassafras in it? A grown up root beer."

Yes Robert, grown ups need their soda pop too. Everyone loves root beer, but hasn't it always been missing that little something...?

As advertized, we will coordinate with Scott and Robert to come in and brew these beers with us. Congratulations Scott and Robert!

As a special thanks to everyone else who entered the contest, your first beer at the tasting room will be on us. Look for our brewery and tasting room to open in early September.

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